Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears Talks About Why Democrats Despise Black Conservatives

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Democrats have a horrible file of behaving horribly in the direction of black conservatives. They are going to typically brazenly use demeaning and even racist phrases to insult them.

Simply have a look at the way in which the left has handled Supreme Court docket Justice Clarence Thomas, or Dr. Ben Carson.

Virginia’s Lt. Governor Winsome Sears is a conservative Republican and she or he has handled this concern as properly.

She not too long ago spoke to a author for the New York Post:

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Winsome Sears: Why Democrats despise black conservatives like me

The definition of winsome is “sweetly or innocently charming: successful, participating.”

The lieutenant governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, is all of those, however she can also be powerful and has convictions on points that matter to her and thinks ought to matter to Virginians and the nation.

As President Joe Biden final Saturday commemorated “Slave Remembrance Day,” Sears informed me throughout an interview in her workplace, “If you wish to reside up to now, go forward; simply don’t drag me again with you…

I ask Sears why the media appear to disregard or mischaracterize black conservatives like her and why so many blacks proceed to vote for Democrats. “To ensure that [Democrats] to proceed to win,” she says, “they should get 80 to 90% of the black vote. That’s why they’re so stuffed with hatred when conservatives like me, or libertarians, don’t assume the way in which they do. . . . We don’t actually care.

“The slaves didn’t die within the fields to be beholden to the Democrat Occasion. They wished their freedom . . . their households to be reunited . . . and their kids to get a superb training.”

Sears says she is mystified by how “the Democrat Occasion grew to become synonymous with black folks. [Democrats] had been those who had been retaining us from attaining. Then there’s this different factor that’s occurring with black girls not having their infants. They usually name me a white supremacist for saying we wish extra black infants. Democrats need to make up their minds.”

Winsome Sears is superior. What a woman.

Sears has a vivid future in politics.

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