Trump Used Intelligence Stories To Get Leverage Over US Allies Trudeau, Macron, Merkel

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One must be cautious throwing round accusations and even suspicions that Trump acted as a Russian or Saudi asset as president. However when one learns of Trump’s use of intelligence reviews and hears that Trump preferred to realize leverage over our allies whereas deepening his friendships with among the world’s monsters, it’s virtually unattainable to wave away some concerns. The New York Occasions reviews that Trump was most desirous about intelligence that he might use as leverage over our pals, resembling Merkel, Trudeau, and Macron, fairly than info wanted to guard us from Kim, Xi, and Putin.

In line with the Times:

“As president, Donald J. Trump confirmed essentially the most curiosity in intelligence briefings when the matters revolved round his private relationships with world leaders and the ability obtainable at his fingertips…

“Mr. Trump devoured intelligence briefings about his international counterparts earlier than and after calls with them. He was desirous to deepen his relationships with autocrats like Kim Jong-un of North Korea or Xi Jinping of China and to get leverage over allies he took a private dislike to, resembling Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada,”

It can not probably be a coincidence that Trump personally disliked among the world’s least corrupt and most revered leaders. It is usually extremely suspicious that Trump’s pursuits and actions mirror what one would anticipate of Vladimir Putin. It’s close to unattainable to image Vladimir Putin and Justin Trudeau creating a private friendship. Macron would by no means take a heat curiosity in Kim Jong-un.

Trump was additionally simply infantile:

“With many world leaders, Mr. Trump, whose personal dalliances had been the stuff of gossip columns for years, was fascinated by what the C.I.A. had discovered about his worldwide counterparts’ supposed extramarital affairs — not as a result of he was going to confront them with the data, former officers stated, however fairly as a result of he discovered it titillating.

Trump would brag that he knew “illicit particulars” about Macron’s intercourse life. An grownup United States President would solely wish to know such particulars to guard Macron and maybe ship a warning that adversaries would possibly maintain the data over him. After all, that assumes the U.S. president cares about our allies.

It needn’t even be stated that this can be a dangerous time to listen to about Trump’s cavalier and infantile use of intelligence gathered by among the most critical and endangered folks on earth.

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