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Round 120 million years in the past, four-winged dinosaurs roughly the scale of crows known as Microraptors stalked the traditional woodlands of what’s now China.

Whereas researchers have studied a number of Microraptor specimens, there’s nonetheless quite a bit we do not find out about these feathered bird-like creatures – together with what and the way they ate.

Now an extremely uncommon fossil has revealed the preserved closing meal of 1 particular person: and unexpectedly, it was a mammal.

“At first, I could not imagine it,” says vertebrate paleontologist Hans Larsson from McGill College in Canada, who discovered the fossil whereas trying via samples at museum collections in China.

“There was a tiny rodent-like mammal foot a few centimeter lengthy completely preserved inside a Microraptor skeleton.”

Rodent foot in dinosaur
Shut up {photograph} of the mammal foot among the many ribs of Microraptor. (Hans Larsson/McGill College)

“These finds are the one stable proof now we have concerning the meals consumption of those lengthy extinct animals – and they’re exceptionally uncommon,” Larsson adds.

The primary Microraptor fossil was found in Liaoning, China, in 2000. There are three recognized species, which lived within the early Cretacious interval, and the fossil in query belongs to Microraptor zhaoianus.

Illustration of Microraptor and rodent
Illustration of a Microraptor with a rodent. (Hans Larsson)

The Microraptors had been amongst among the first dinosaurs that had been discovered with absolutely feathered wings on each its legs and arms – and alongside the well-known feathered dinosaur Archaeopteryx, have bolstered theories that suggest fashionable birds are carefully associated to classes of dinosaur.

While some studies have proven that Microraptors would have been able to powered flight, it is usually thought that they principally used their wings to glide.

Up till now, the small dinosaurs had solely been confirmed to eat birds, fish, and lizards, they usually had been considered arboreal hunters that glided down from the bushes to seize prey.

Illustration of two Microraptors
Illustration of two Microraptors. (Durbed/Deviant Art/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The most recent discovery expands on that concept, suggesting they had been extra prone to be opportunistic eaters that each scavenged and preyed upon quite a lot of vertebrates.

“We already know of Microraptor specimens preserved with components of fish, a chicken, and a lizard of their bellies. This new discover provides a small mammal to their weight loss plan, suggesting these dinosaurs had been opportunistic and never choosy eaters,” says Larsson.

That is a giant deal, as a result of though generalist carnivores are frequent and vital stabilizers in as we speak’s ecosystems – consider foxes and crows – this might very properly be the primary proof of a generalist carnivores in a dinosaur ecosystem, Larsson and his team write.

It is extremely uncommon to seek out dinosaur fossils that protect their final meal inside their abdomen, they add. Out of all of the carnivorous dinosaur fossils which have been discovered, we solely know of 20 that include their final meals.

The most recent discovery takes that number to 21.

Understanding extra about their diets is not simply fascinating for these of us attempting to think about how the world appeared 120 million years in the past, it additionally gives vital clues for the researchers working laborious to know precisely how dinosaurs left the land for the sky, and advanced into the true birds we see as we speak.

“Realizing that Microraptor was a generalist carnivore places a brand new perspective on how historic ecosystems could have labored and a attainable perception into the success of those small, feathered dinosaurs,” says Larsson.

The analysis has been printed in The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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