Rachel Maddow Shreds The Proud Boys For Taping Their Sedition Planning

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Rachel Maddow shredded the Proud Boys for taping the planning of their sedition.


Maddow stated:

Apparently, the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump para-military group recorded their video convention calls which is the venue they selected for making their plans for Washington, D.C. On January sixth. The plan for the entire political presidential scenario occurring that they with Pence. That is the half the place Stringer Bell says, are you taking notes and a legal conspiracy? What do you considering?

I’ve no advance discover concerning the January six investigators have gotten what they don’t, however Allen Fryer of The New York Occasions reported final month that the Proud Boys army group not solely recorded the video planning classes for January sixth, however a least one of many recordings was seized from the cellphone of the group’s chief by the FBI this yr in 2022. Quote, and a replica was not too long ago obtained by The Occasions. So these massive brains on this pro-Trump fascist group. 

They, to start with, determined to do their organizing on videotape convention. Then they made recordings of these planning classes which their chief man held on to the recordings for a minimum of a yr after the Capitol assault.

He then had them seized by the FBI and likewise they’ve made their option to a minimum of one reporter who was revealed items of them at The New York Occasions. Like I stated, I don’t know precisely with the January sixth investigation has, nevertheless it’s gotta assist to have guys like this proper in the course of this legal conspiracy.

The Proud Boys set themselves as much as be tried for seditious conspiracy by videotaping the entire planning.

Hubris was in every single place amongst Trump and his supporters. The Proud Boys possible taped their sedition, as a result of it by no means occurred to them that the plot would fail and they might be held accountable.

Self-protection alone ought to have been sufficient purpose to not videotape or have documentary filmmakers observe them and movie their potential legal exercise.

Maddow was proper. The Proud Boys made this straightforward for investigators and that’s the reason they’re possible be going to jail for a really very long time.

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