Leftists Who Work for Bezos, Different Billionaires Bemoan Billionaires Controlling Information And Data

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How a lot enjoyable should it’s to be Elon Musk as we speak? You’re a billionaire in your early fifties, you are able to do or go anyplace you need, and also you now personal Twitter, one of many largest social media platforms on the earth, the place your said aim is to make it a beacon at no cost speech.

And as an additional added bonus, it’s driving the left fully insane. Pinch your self.

The left is whining about quite a lot of issues pertaining to this buy, however essentially the most ridiculous is those that are feigning outrage about billionaires proudly owning information and data shops. When did they change into involved with that? Oh yeah, final night time. 

As progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald identified, “journalists” at shops owned by billionaires like Jeff Bezos or Laurene Powell Jobs, the spouse of the late Steve Jobs, are all of a sudden fairly upset that billionaire Musk owns Twitter.

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Free Speech? We Can’t Have Free Speech!

However the most effective half is, the “specialists” have now been known as in to investigate what the impression will likely be of individuals on one single social media web site truly having the ability to say what they assume, reasonably than being censored.

A latest Political Insider report said that Musk had overtly mentioned shedding roughly 75% of Twitter workers. 

So the “specialists” decided that, “Whereas particulars of the potential layoffs stay restricted, the transfer may compromise the platform’s capability to police false or dangerous content material, with ramifications that reach to social points like election integrity.”

Translation: if Musk lays off three quarters of Twitter workers, there gained’t be sufficient individuals to, #1, deem themselves the arbiters of what’s “false” or “dangerous,” as a result of who else however a 20 or 30 one thing with an IT diploma and no life expertise can be greatest to find out that?

And #2, not having sufficient workers to censor what individuals see may have lengthy lasting dangerous results, like forming opinions for themselves, and posting them.

However maybe nothing sums up “specialists” like Zeve Sanderson, government director at New York College’s Middle for Social Media and Politics who philosophized, “Content material moderation will likely be rather a lot tougher with out individuals doing content material moderation.”

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The ‘Proper Type’ Of Billionaires

As Glenn Greenwald so rightly identified, all the “journalists” who’ve made careers working on the newspaper that Jeff Bezos owns, or the journal that Laurene Powell Jobs owns, apparently had been completely OK with these billionaires directing the data site visitors. What’s the distinction?

Whereas perhaps not a lot is understood concerning the private political leanings of Bezos or Jobs, what is understood is that the publications they personal are left leaning. Whereas Musk is definitely no conservative, he has made his views on being woke and cancel tradition identified, and his reasoning for getting Twitter has remained constant. 

On Thursday he said, “The explanation I acquired Twitter is as a result of it is very important the way forward for civilization to have a standard digital city sq., the place a variety of beliefs will be debated in a wholesome method, with out resorting to violence.”

Elon Musk’s new acquisition was filled with ironic hilarity by those that are OK with free speech for themselves and people they agree with, however not for you.

A non-billionaire defined how one turns into a billionaire.

So, is that this just for billionaires who advocate at no cost speech? I’m confused. One other had a public service announcement.


Nonetheless others additionally wanted some clarification.

And at last, only a bit of fine recommendation.

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