How you can Know If Your New Relationship Will Work, Astrologically

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How you can Know If Your New Relationship Will Work, Astrologically

Written by: Jennifer Freed, PhD


Revealed on: October 6, 2022


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Speak to a novice astrologer about your relationship life and so they may warn you that compatibility is written within the stars. (“A water signal like Most cancers might by no means work with an air signal like Aquarius.”) However the execs will inform you that’s simply not true.

Psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, PhD, says that evaluating your astrology chart together with your lover’s is much less about figuring out your destiny and extra about understanding your dynamic as a pair. Possibly the sexual chemistry is off the charts however you’re susceptible to tiffs. Or maybe you have a tendency make one another large, lovely guarantees which are tough to maintain.

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The Components of Relationship

If you happen to’re out to discover a appropriate and suitable associate, here’s a brief tutorial on cosmic chemistry to help you in your quest.

Inside each individual’s astrology chart there are 4 parts: fireplace, earth, air, and water.

Hearth (Aries, Leo, Saggitarius) focuses on dynamic, intense, daring, artistic vitality. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) focuses on physique sensations, sensuality, solidity, and sluggish, regular motion. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) focuses on the thoughts—the sharing of concepts and views. Air likes openness and area. Water (Most cancers, Scorpio, Pisces) focuses on emotions, tenderness, sensitivity, and compassion.

We sometimes have all these parts in our total make-up. Nonetheless, we are likely to lean into one or two of them once we are in mating or seduction mode.

In astrology, there are not any definitively good or unhealthy combos. With any mixture of parts, a pair might expertise each aspirational chemistry and sure challenges.

An instance: My good friend C is kind of the idealist and conversationalist. She expresses air. C began relationship R, who’s a passionate, daring adventurer. He expresses fireplace. All went nicely at first: R romanced C with daring gestures, and C imagined a fairy-tale life with this attractive prince. However as soon as they began getting bodily, R was manner too fiery for C: Regardless of C’s protestations, he persistently expressed his need by means of biting. As soon as C grew weary of claiming that biting was not her factor, it ended.

Recognizing the best way her air and his fireplace didn’t work nicely collectively helped C see that this was not a love for the ages. I’m assured that charming R will discover a match, and C continues to be satisfied she is going to discover her fairy-tale mate.

While you’re relationship somebody new, it may be useful to note how issues are happening the fundamental degree. And it’s nice to debate this together with your date: Ask one another to share which aspect you determine most with and which aspect is your least developed.

Strategy the fundamental chemistry you’ve with a potential associate from an area of curiosity. This dialog is about growing self-awareness and attunement to your associate. Each are keys to completely realized intimacy.

Typically, as within the case of C and R, it turns into apparent fairly rapidly that the mix isn’t workable. That is fabulous: It permits each suitors to place their vitality into discovering more-appropriate mates.

However in the event you like one another sufficient to maintain seeing one another, have a look at the professionals and cons of every elemental mix. See in the event you discover these patterns developing and identify them.

Components in Relationship Cheat Sheet



Hearth + Hearth

Sizzle sizzle!

Arguing appears like foreplay

A number of sizzling quickies

Nice artistic collaboration

Explosive and imply

Hearth scorches and ends rapidly

An excessive amount of sarcasm

Hearth + Earth

Heat and reliability

Contained ardour

Inspiring practicality

Snuff out fireplace with smothering

Scorched earth

Impatient, pushy battle

Hearth + Air

Thrilling, motivating, expansive dynamism

Exaggerated guarantees

Reckless, damaging enthusiasm

Hearth + Water

Chemistry brews sluggish and builds

A simmering and steaming warmth

Boiling and unmanageable emotion

Dousing out exuberance with a moist blanket

Earth + Earth

Sluggish, dependable, and extremely touch-oriented

Caught within the mud

No selection

Earth + Air

Anchored creativeness

Deliberate frivolity and romance

Bursting the balloons of enjoyable with overly important feedback


Unrealistic expectations

Earth + Water

Luscious emotional connection and understanding

Unclear, complicated communication

Slippery boundaries and undependable phrases

Air + Air

Flying excessive with positivity and chance

House cadets multiplied

Logic blocks the guts connection

An excessive amount of distance

Air + Water

Extremely delicate and nurturing conversations

Objectivity about tough conditions or disagreements

Distant and smug about delicate subjects

Emotionality drowns out cause

Water + Water

Bathing in emotional resonance and going with the move

Meltdowns at each flip

Overwhelming emotions create paralysis of motion

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