Coronavirus might enter the mind by constructing tiny tunnels from the nostril

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How the virus behind covid-19 enters the mind was considerably of a thriller, however new proof hints it might construct tiny tubes from nostril cells to mind cells that it might shuttle by

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20 July 2022

The covid-19 virus, SARS-COV-2, inside and on top of tunneling nanotubes

The coronavirus might construct tubes that allow it to journey from nostril cells to the mind

Anna Pepe, Pasteur Institute

We might lastly know the way covid-19 enters the mind: new analysis suggests the virus accountable stimulates the expansion of tiny tubes between nostril and mind cells that it might tunnel by.

Covid-19 has been linked with a variety of neurological signs together with mind fog and confusion. Post-mortem research have additionally detected the coronavirus in individuals’s brains. However the way it will get there was considerably of a thriller. Earlier research recommend the ACE2 receptor that the virus usually makes use of to get into cells is barely detectable within the mind, not like the cells lining the nostril, mouth and lungs.

Now, Chiara Zurzolo on the Pasteur Institute in France and her colleagues have found that the coronavirus appears to have a sneaky method of moving into cells that lack the ACE2 receptor through cells that do have it.

They performed experiments in a dish with the coronavirus and two completely different cell varieties. One known as SH-SY5Y was used to mannequin human mind cells. The opposite cell kind, Vero E6, was used to mannequin cells that line physique surfaces, together with the nostril.

On their very own, the mannequin mind cells couldn’t be contaminated with the coronavirus as a result of they lacked the ACE2 receptor. However after they had been incubated in the identical dish because the mannequin nostril cells, which did have these receptors, they grew to become contaminated.

Underneath a very highly effective electron microscope, the researchers noticed that upon coming into the mannequin nostril cells, the virus stimulated the cells to develop tiny tubes known as tunnelling nanotubes that fashioned connections with the mannequin mind cells.

Zooming up shut, they noticed the virus utilizing these tunnels to shuttle between the 2 cell varieties. Nanotubes are already recognized to move sure buildings and different viral particles between distant cells.

“I believe it’s a really fascinating examine as a result of it offers a pleasant, neat mechanism by which the virus could be transferred from one cell to a different whereas bypassing the necessity for ACE2 receptors,” says Frederic Meunier on the College of Queensland in Australia.

Nevertheless, as a result of the experiments had been restricted to cells in a dish, additional research are wanted to substantiate the identical mechanism happens contained in the mind, says Meunier.

Zurzolo says her group is establishing “organ-on-a-chip” experiments that extra intently mimic the interactions between cells within the nostril and mind.

If tunnelling nanotubes are confirmed to move the coronavirus from the nostril to the mind, we could possibly develop medicine to dam them, says Zurzolo. “In the intervening time, we wouldn’t have a selected tunnelling nanotube-blocking molecule, however we’re finishing up screening to search out some,” she says.

Journal reference: Science Advances, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abo0171

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